BEST BET RESULTS 2016 YEAR TO DATE (through end of August): 220-178-2 +424.64* January: 33-32-1 -24.00 February: 32-17-1 +158.60 March: 36-19 +212.40 April: 26-26 -14.73 May: 38-38 -28.83 June: 24-17 +104.63 July: 16-13 +40.20 August: 15-16 -23.63
 CURRENT MONTH BEST BETS: 21-23 -42.26* September 27th, 2016 MLB WIN 12-5 BEST BET 17* St Louis Runline -1.5 -110 St Louis is sitting 1 game behind the Giants on the outside looking in for the NL Wildcard spot... they were totally beaten down like chumps at home by the Reds on Monday by a score of 15-2. Have mentioned on several occasions how poor the Cardinals have been at home... at 33-42 it is truly amazing they are in any position to make the playoffs. In my recent memory I have never seen a team play so poorly at home while doing so well on the road. The one solid home pitcher they have this season, Adam Wainwright, gets the start on Tuesday and it seems like a spot they truly need to come through with a big win. The Cardinals are 9-5 in 14 home starts and when you consider their poor home performance as a team overall, this guy has been essentially an oasis for them in that regard. In the 5 Cardinals home wins since the start of July in Wainwright starts... 4 of them have been by more than one run... most of them lower scoring with Wainwright pitching extremely well. In Wainwright home starts he has an ERA of 2.92 and in the last 7 starts overall the Cardinals are 5-2 and are in dire need of making it to 6-2 the last 8 starts. Robert Stephenson starts for the Reds in opposition on Tuesday... and know this ain't the dude that penned Treasure Island or Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde... but he is the guy with a 5.59 ERA overall in his 6 starts on the season, and in 2 road starts he has been crushed to the tuned of a 10.79 ERA. I am hopeful that they ERA explosion form shows up tonight and the Cardinals make him A Footnote to History by shooting up in the heart with A Black Arrow (apologizes for all the RLS references but I couldn't help myself).
WELCOME TO The Great White Capper DAILY MLB BEST BET PLAYS only $20 INNER CIRCLE MEMBERSHIP only $49 for 30 days Gets ALL PLAYS in ALL SPORTS including BEST BETS September 28th, 2016 Finally got back to winning a BEST BET play with the Cardinals getting the job done at home by simply pounding out a massive run total against the Reds. BEST BET plays are 2-7 the last 9 and I do have some work to do this next three days to finish with a green total... basically need clean up and win all the plays through the 30th. Went through and got all of the totals updated, double checked all the totals for the month to ensure everything got included... so the totals are now accurate for the month. I spent the entire night Tuesday into Wednesday morning pouring over everything football, and seeking the formula to win plays and in particular BEST BET plays which have been mired in a nasty funk to get the season started. Not a real panic yet, but certainly expecting to see winning results immediately starting this week. The pattern has been essentially the same for a full year now and that is slow starts in each sport and then finding a solid groove to finally get ahead... certainly a process that can create angst and I personally will be thankful to simply get off to a solid footing when basketball starts to change up the pattern. NFL TOP BET OF THE WEEK PLAYS 32-20-2 the last 3+ years CASHING THE BIG BETS in the NFL
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