BEST BET RESULTS 2016 YEAR TO DATE (through end of September): 244-204-2 +388.68* January: 33-32-1 -24.00 February: 32-17-1 +158.60 March: 36-19 +212.40 April: 26-26 -14.73 May: 38-38 -28.83 June: 24-17 +104.63 July: 16-13 +40.20 August: 15-16 -23.63 September:24-26 -35.96
 CURRENT MONTH BEST BETS: 21-16-1 +83.53* October 25th, 2016 MLB LOSS 0-6 World Series Game 1 BEST BET 15* Chicago Cubs Lester -110 Going to back the Cubs in the opener... will elaborate further but the simple explanation is I feel much more comfortable backing Lester as the crafty lefty has proven reliable and able to get deep into the game bypassing the middle of the bullpen. Not to say that Kluber is a slouch by any means, but think the Cubs lineup (which finally started to hit the ball in order to finish the Dodgers) will find it easier to hit a right hander than perhaps the Indians will do against a crafty left hander in Lester. Rizzo finally awoke with the bat, and that could be a huge difference for the Cubs as with him hitting it opens up the lineup and makes it tough on any opposing pitching staff. Lester has the best ERA in the postseason of regular staff starters and Kluber the 2nd best... so, we are going to see some high quality starters trying to go as deep as they can. The back end of both bullpens appear to be strong... give Chapman the edge as a closer, but the Indians have a more solid set up man in Miller than can give more than 1 inning. For middle relief... both teams are a bit vulnerable as most teams are, but on a given day both are capable of getting outs. Overall, the bullpens of the Indians may be a touch better because of Miller, but if the Cubs send out Chapman with a lead he will be tough to overcome. Cubs are a better offensive team overall I feel in the playoffs with more punch up and down the lineup, and with Lester going in Game 1 this appears to be a solid spot to catch Lester at basically even money... Game 1 call is on the Cubs.
 WELCOME TO The Great White Capper DAILY MLB BEST BET PLAYS only $20 INNER CIRCLE MEMBERSHIP only $49 for 30 days Gets ALL PLAYS in ALL SPORTS including BEST BETS October 26th, 2016 BEST BET play was raw sewage on Tuesday as the Indians took advantage of the Cubs 6-0 in Game 1 of the World Series. Will seek to rectify that loss on Wednesday with more love in the Game 2 scenario. NBA season started 2-0 with wins on the Spurs +9 and the Cavaliers -9.5... both in no sweat easy fashion. See if I can carry that momentum of a good opening night forward. Cashed the sole NHL play of the night on the Devils and that the 3-1 overall effort for Tuesday produced basically an even night in spite of a BEST BET loss. BEST BET for Wednesday will be on Game 2 of the World Series... three smaller plays in the NBA (still waiting on the first BEST BET of the season), and a play off of the NHL slate for Wednesday. Started parsing the NCAA Football action for the week with the process of eliminating games from consideration being the first goal. Tomorrow night will have the BEST BET calls for the Thursday football action, including BEST BET plays in the NFL and NCAA Football. NFL TOP BET OF THE WEEK PLAYS 35-21-2 the last 3+ years CASHING THE BIG BETS in the NFL



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