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 BEST BET RESULTS 2016 YEAR TO DATE (through end of July): 205-162-2 +448.27* January: 33-32-1 -24.00 February: 32-17-1 +158.60 March: 36-19 +212.40 April: 26-26 -14.73 May: 38-38 -28.83 June: 24-17 +104.63 July: 16-13 +40.20
 CURRENT MONTH BEST BETS: 11-14 -62.84* August 25th, 2016 MLB BEST BET 19* Kansas City Volquez -102 WIN 5-2 Royals saw their 9 game win streak snapped at the hands of the Marlins on Wednesday as they simply were unable to get to highly successful home work of Jose Fernandez. They outhit the Marlins, 8 to 7, but they simply were unable to break through with the big hit that would have made a difference on the scoreboard. Don't view that 3-0 loss as totally devastating but more or less the result of facing a pitcher that was able to work his way through a lineup in a professional manner in spite of being under duress several times. Based on some of the unusual results of late in terms of solid pitching not performing and some other mediocre pitching performing admirably, I am going to roll with a road pitcher in Volquez that hasn't had great numbers on the road this season overall. Royals are 4-7 in his 11 road starts overall, but after being completely throttled and beaten badly in road games at Texas and Tampa Bay (both brutally ugly Royals losses) Volquez was much more effective in a win at Minnesota and his last two starts overall have seen an improvement in his pitching form. I preach the pitching "bell curve" and viewing his chart of work, I see a pitcher trending up and the entire Royals team overall is currently. Koehler, on the other hand, has been pitching well on the charts and the Marlins are 5-2 in the last 7 starts overall... a far more successful rate of winning than his full body of work for the season. Basically, this guy has perhaps peaked in terms of 3 consecutive quality starts at home for someone that has 6 quality starts of 11 overall at home... the trending factor opens the possibility of a less than high octane start on Thursday. Bottom line... after being shut out on Wednesday ending their 9 game run I anticipate the Royals coming into this specific contest seeking to maintain their momentum which is almost vital at this point to simply have any hopes of defending their WS title... the two teams ahead of them in the division went 5-5 the last 10 games and that means the Royals are closing in rather quickly. In order to keep surging, they need to comeback with a winning effort in what could likely be a lower scoring tight contest in Miami on Thursday.
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