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     The goal of this service is to provide quality, long term winning sports handicapping information.  This is a handicapping service not a marketing site.  The intent and mission is to constantly handicap with trusted methods of more than 20 years to create viable lines for upcoming sporting events, find the value and mistakes in the book lines, and give our clients the information on who the right teams to bet are on a daily basis.


     Each client is an individual and all become an important of the team regardless of the size of plays they make.  We offer our services in engaging in money management strategies, and tailoring a specific program for each person.  No one gets pressured, hassled, or in any way given that same tired bullshit sales pitch that has become common place in this industry.  There are a few services that provide honest assessments, work as hard, know the essentials, and work consistently to be a viable sports handicapper.


     In addition to providing plays and information... this service seeks to make each client a more disciplined well rounded sports gambler.  Teaching clients how to focus on long term goals, stay level minded even through the tough times, and understanding which plays to avoid and why is equally as important.


     We take pride in the work we do with the numbers, the relationships we build with our clients, and always welcome others into the fold.  This isn't a get rich scheme, there are no short cuts... for those who are long term players you will not find a better place to seek out advice.




February 25, 2017

     Cash both BEST BET plays for a 2nd straight day and push out to 11-5 the past 11 days... finally get the total for BEST BET play in February into the green.  The Iona play was another NO SWEAT winner in college... Raptors finish the job down the stretch in a 10 point home win against the Celtics.


     Another brutal beat in the NBA... it was the Suns on Friday... the Bulls covered the spread for the very first time in the game with a little over 1 minute left in OT.  Suns led by 9 with about 4 minutes left in regulation and missed a FT with 1.5 seconds left that would have given them a 1 point lead and basically ensured a win ATS.  Need to avoid these or else get on the right side of them... other than that, feel I have a decent grasp of the game flow.


     College is 16-9 overall on the week and the reads for the most part feel solid... had those two BEST BET play duds in the middle of the week with the Tennessee performance being a total anomaly shooting 29% from the floor at home.


     Another Saturday... spent practically the entire day on Friday going through and grading out these games... I had a massive list of plays and narrowing them down was extremely difficult this week.  The theme for the the top plays will be home teams in prime positions to get big wins... will see if that theme proves profitable on the day.






  - Each 5* of action is equal to 1% of the BANKROLL.


  - BEST BET plays range from 7* to 25* with average play about 15*


  - Other INNER CIRCLE action is typically 5-7* with occasional larger plays.








23-20  +19.80*


  January:   32-36-1  -64.80*



Saturday MENU:


 19* NCAA Hoops BEST BET






13 NCAA Hoops Plays

3 NBA Plays




19* Iona -11  WINNER

17* Raptors -3 WINNER




2nd straight 2-0 SWEEP Friday

11-5 the past 11 days of action




The MAN BEHIND THE PLAN - Tony Gulledge

Tony Gulledge


     Tony Gulledge is the owner, the handicapper, the one man band that makes this service run.  If you ever deal with this service... HE IS THE ONE YOU DEAL WITH... no one else.


      Developed his system for creating lines and handicapping sporting events while attending college in the late 80's, and throughout the 90's continued to develop viable long term game predicting systems.  Began selling information in 1993 to fellow players in Charlotte, NC as his acumen for picking winners was growing.


     Began operating online in 1999 as King T Sports Handicapping Service and flourished with many long time clients and followers.  In 2009, changed the name to The Great White Capper as a homage to his beautiful, caring, and supportive wife Tara who has an obsessive love for the Great White Shark... and sharks of all kinds for that matter.  The monacre stuck, and he continues to work hard daily with intensity to provide quality information.


      By focusing on the technical nuts and bolts of creating accurate lines and dissecting odds, Tony leaves the hype, attention seeking blowhards who call themselves handicappers to promote and market themselves while I simply offer an alternative.  That alternative is the real deal, scientifically approached, mathematically based handicapping with decades of experience in knowing not only the sports intimately but also how that knowledge relates to gambling.





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 QUICK RESPONSE TO CLIENTS Without the bullshit sales pitch to all clients when asked questions or discussing the service. I will provide you my honest opinions on betting strategies and I'll always advise as if it were my own money. You won't be hassled and given ridiculous sales pitches using fraud peddling "fixed games", or inside information, etc, and so forth. I present you with what I do, provide the information daily, and you decide if getting this information each and every day is the worth the modest fee to you. This service actually handicaps and spends the time working the numbers and provides clients with advisement on the daily plays that I personally make. I make money gambling and do all this handicapping regardless if we have 25 clients or 20,000... I don't feel the need to ask insane fees on information that may or may not be good on a given day. I handicap and bet my money in reality... there are no Magic Beans, this isn't a fantasy world... hard work, keen intelligence, experience, and strong discipline to know when betting the big games is right, and a refreshing honest sincere professional manner that separates what you get here from practically anyone else. I take pride in what I do, how I do it, and the results they bring in year after year. If you want advise and information from an experienced legitimate numbers crunching handicapper who knows both sports and how the art of gambling on them work together this service provides that



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